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Q2C offers you the most complete IT-solution
for the management and the organization
to make your city the city of the future!

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Parking management tailored for your city or municipality

Tailored management
of your city or municipality

  • Controls done by agents or camera equipped vehicles
  • Retributions via QR-code
  • Management of residential parking permits and fines
  • Online platform for the citizens
  • Practical figures and statistics

MAS fines management is easier with our services

With our specific services for MAS-fines, you cover the complete system for the Belgian laws

A flawless solution that includes the cooperation with various actors, the different types of sanctions, the recidivism and the sanction register for the sanctioning official.

Specific services
for the citizens in
few clicks

These online platforms result in easier management and organization for you as well as for the citizens. Via the personalized e-ticket, your municipal services are quickly and easily requested, extended and paid by the citizen!

  • Citizen

  •  Process online requests
  •  Organization and inventory
  •  Management of residential parking permits and fines
  • Recording Public Domain

  •  Process online applications
  •  Organization and inventory
  •  Overview with GPS-locations

Combine forces
to a versatile solution

with government entities like DIV, KBO, ISLP, ...

Integration of ALPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition)

Smart parking sensors

Global solutions for correspondence

The most suitable PDA on the market

Motorola/Zebra's TC77

The integration of the mobile application into the PDA ensures a harmonious and more efficient working method.

The mobile
printer with QR-codes

Zebra's ZQ320

Besides the printer, we also offer suitable accessories and papers that can be customized to your needs.

A support and training center
of which we are proud

On-site support

At your request, we go on-site.

Telephone assistance

Our team is always ready to answer your enquiries.


Fast technical support for all your specific hard- and software questions.


Always stay up-to-date and follow our refresh-courses.

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